All You Need to Know about Hypertrophic Acne Scar Removal

All You Need to Know about Hypertrophic Acne Scar Removal
There are many types of acne scar and one of them is called hypertrophic acne scar. This kind of scar is usually raised above the skin level so it is visible and makes people unconfident. But, it doesn’t matter what type of acne scar you have, the existence of the scar always causes uncomfortable feeling. So, what is hypertrophic acne scar actually? And what do you need to know about hypertrophic acne scar removal?
What is Hypertrophic Acne Scar?
Hypertrophic acne scar basically occurs because of the excess of scar tissues that are formed around the injured skin where the acne appears. The scar is commonly visible because it is raised above the level of skin. The hypertrophic acne scar comes in red color and thick so it is quite difficult to cover the scar. You will need a really thick make up to cover the acne scar. The hypertrophic acne scar can be formed because there is accumulation of collagen in the affected area of the skin so the scar is raised. It causes pain and itches sometimes. You can still feel the pain and itchiness even after the hypertrophic acne has been completely cured. 
Treatment for Removing Hypertrophic Acne Scar

All You Need to Know about Hypertrophic Acne Scar Removal

Having scar because of hypertrophic acne is really disturbing due to its appearance and size. Here are some treatments for hypertrophic acne scar removal to help you.
1.             Needling Treatment
The first effective treatment for healing hypertrophic acne scar is by using needling treatment. In applying the treatment, you need to needle the acne scar continuously. It is aimed to stimulate the skin to produce collagen fibers. The best part of this needle treatment is that it is quite affordable if compared to other treatments.
2.             Collagen Injection Treatment
The second treatment you can try is collagen injection. Just like the name suggests, the treatment requires injection of collagen into the sunken scar to rise up the skin level. But, if it is needed the collagen can be replaced with other substances that have similar function with collagen. 
3.             Steroid Injection
The third choice of hypertrophic acne scar treatment is by using steroid injection. This is the most common treatment chosen by most people. Just like the name given, the treatment requires the injection of steroid into the acne scar. You are suggested to do the treatment once a month till the acne scar is completely flattened and healed.

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