Can Dermatologist Remove Acne Scars?

Can dermatologist remove acne scars? If you wonder about the answer of this question, the answer is definitely yes. There are many kinds of treatments, which you can choose as an option to remove acne scars. Some of them are laser treatments, chemical peels, minor skin surgeries, as well as fillers. All of the procedure are safe and performed in a medical office.

Choosing the right treatment

When people grow older, it is common to have acne scars, which is more noticeable. This is due to the lose of collagen from the skin. To take care of it, people can have lots of options. However, the most effective one depends on individual, as they have different skin condition. For example, people who have deep scars should take filler treatment, as it will add the volume of their skin.

One important thing a dermatologist needs to do before performing the treatment to remove acne scars is to clear the acne first. For your information, new acne breakouts are possible to lead new acne scars. Besides that, still having acne is also an indication that the skin is inflamed. When dermatologist performs the treatment to people who have inflamed skin, the treatment will not show maximum effectiveness. Therefore, an examination usually done before by dermatologist before the patient and the dermatologist come in the same agreement.

Can Dermatologist Remove Acne Scars?

Determine your treatment
Here is a brief overview of the types of acne scars along with the suitable treatment to take.
1. Depressed acne scar
For this type, it is recommended to take acne scar surgery, fillers, electrodesiccation, collagen-induction therapy (or needling), skin tightening, or resurfacing. Resurfacing includes laser therapy, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, as well as microdermabrasion.
2. Raised acne scars
For this type, it is recommended to take acne scar surgery, cryosurgery, laser therapy, injections (which includes corticosteroids, 5-FU, or interferon), as well as scar creams and gels, silicone.
Treating acne scar
After deciding the treatment type, a dermatologist will also creating the treatment plan. It includes the observation of scar types as well as the location, where the scar appeared. It is very recommended for you to tell your dermatologist if you ever taken isotretinoin before.
 Those are all information we can share about the treatment you can have if you want to get rid of your acne scars with the help of dermatologist. Once more, it is a big yes for the question of “Can dermatologist remove acne scars?”

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