Can Ice Remove Acne Scars ?

Can ice remove acne scars ? For you who just heard this type of question once, it is not a joke. There are many rumors spread about the ability of ice in treating acne scars. Today, this article will take it as today’s topic.

A little about acne scars

Acne usually ends up in giving shameful scars on the skin. Why could it happen? It is due to the cyst, which formed under the skin. other possibility is caused when the collagen, which located beneath the skin, is damaged because of inflammation. Since scars are embarrassing, people often tried many ways to remove it.

The steps of using ice as acne scars treatment

Can Ice Remove Acne Scars ?

First step
To begin with, you need to prepare ice cubes also wash cloth.

Second step
Now, let's begin performing this easy treatment. You need to wrap the ice cubes with the wash cloth. It is not recommended to apply the ice directly to the skin. Why? Because it can damage your skin, since it can trigger frostbite.

Third step
After that, you need to rub the area, which has acne scars in your skin. Do it for about 10 up to 15 minutes. What is the function of it? This action helps to contract the skin as well as tighten your pores. It will give the best result for atrophic as well as hyperthropic scarring, no matter whether it is right or even below the surface of the skin. On the other hand, if the acne scars type you have is the ice pick one, which is deep scars with sharp edges, than this action might not give you effective result.

Other information
Performing those steps consistently will be helpful in reducing the inflammation in your skin. To be true, the ice actually does not remove the scars right away. It works slowly to reduce the redness as well as reducing the appearance of your scars. If you want to have result, which is more satisfying, you can also add other types of home remedies. Those are lemon juice, lavender oil, or even vitamin E. Those home remedies is not so hard to find, yet it can give you lots of benefits in treating the acne scars.

Those are all information we can share about treating acne scars by using ice cubes. Hopefully, the explanation will be enough to answer your curiosity of the answer from a question such as Can ice remove acne scars ‘?

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