Can Lemon Remove Acne Scars?

Can lemon remove acne scars? Are you curious about the answer of this question? If yes you are, here is a bit explanation for you.

Home remedies to take care of acne scar
Scar is a common problem any women faced, when they have severe acne problems. Almost all pimples will leave scar. How could it be? It is caused by the acne infection. When it reaches the dermis layer, it will be able to destroy the tissue, which then leads to become a scar. Scar actually can disappear by itself if you are patient enough to wait for it for few months. However, some people could not deal with it and try many ways to speed up the healing process.
One of the most common treatment people often choose is using home remedies. Even though home remedies might show the result within quite long period, it is safer  than any medicines, which often accompanied by bad sides effects. Some common types of home remedies, which have the ability to remove acne scars, are lemon, aloe vera, honey, as well as coconut oil. However, this article will only focus on lemon as acne removal.

Can Lemon Remove Acne Scars?

Lemon to treat acne scars
How could lemon treat acne scars? Here are some reasons of it:
1. Lemon contains many vitamin C. It can trigger the production of collagen. For skin, collagen plays a great role in keeping it firm as well as smooth. Besides that vitamin C also cleans the uncleanness of skin cells, while at the same time also encourage it to formulate the new one.
2. Lemon contains natural bleaching agent. It can reduce the appearance of acne scars as well as any other dark marks.
3. Citric acid is also another active ingredients having by lemon. It is able to exfoliate dead skin cells, excess oil or any other impurities.
4. Lemon has the capability of being a natural astringent. It can tighten skin to let you have smooth and shiny skin.
5. Last, lemon completed with antibacterial properties. It will kill the bacteria in your skin, which becomes the source of your acne breakouts.

How to make use lemon as acne treatment
The simplest one is, you only need to make a juice of fresh lemon. Then, use cotton ball to apply it on your acne scars. Leave it for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can repeat this simple treatment everyday.

Hopefully, it is enough to answer the question of ‘Can lemon remove acne scars?‘

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