Can You Remove Acne Scars for Severe Cases?

Acne scars can be really devastating since you need to face two problems in the same time. Not only have to deal with pimple itself but also the marks left behind. Pimples are formed when skin pores are clogged with oil or dead skin cells. This condition provides a good place for bacteria to proliferate. This will form red bumps containing pus which is popularly known as pimples. Most pimples will leave scars either mild or severe. This condition is very annoying as it makes appearance to be less attractive. That’s why, it is quite normal when there is a question can you remove acne scars?
Treatments for acne scars
Most likely when pimples start to dry out, they will leave reddish or brownish marks on skin. Normally, these marks could fade away without any treatments but it takes time. How long the scars leave your skin depend on how severe they are. However, sometimes without realize it; we make the scars even worse by pinching or squeezing it. The scar itself can be categorized into two types, a scar with gradual dip and a scar which is deep and narrow. In order to make the scars treated properly, you must make the acne under control first.

Can You Remove Acne Scars for Severe Cases?

Types of treatments for acne scarring
Treatment is usually decided based on how severe the scar is. For several cases, dermatologist will recommend patients to take a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Both treatments are effective to improve the look on the affected area. Those two are considered as mild treatment and can be performed in the office. How about for serious case? Can you remove acne scars? 
There are actually several treatments that work for serious scars. First, there is a laser resurfacing treatment which included removal from the damaged skin layer surface and strengthen the middle layer. This treatment will make the skin smoother and does not take long time, perhaps just in few minutes to one hour. Laser resurfacing is performed in the office and requires about 3 to 10 days for complete healing. Another treatment called dermabrasion which uses spinning wire brush to remove skin surface. This allows and smoother skin layer to appear. After get this treatment, your skin usually needs between 10 days or more to heal. To reach deeper level of skin, doctor will give fractional laser therapy. This treatment will not injure the top layer so that you have shorter healing time. The effects of the treatment just like when you get sunburn.

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