Isotretinoin, One Best Way on How To Remove Severe Acne

Isotretinoin, One Best Way on How To Remove Severe Acne
How to remove severe acne is such an interesting topic for many women. It is a problem commonly faced by numerous girls around the word. If you are looking for the best treatment for your severe acne, here is the answer.

Introducing isotretinoin
Have you ever heard about isotretinoin before? If not, it is one powerful drug, which you can use to be the right treatment for severe acne. When people consult with dermatologist or special doctor, he or she might suggest you to take certain medications, including antibiotics. However, when the acne does not seem to lessen and the case get worse, the doctor often recommend isotretinoin as the following treatment to have.

Know more about isotretinoin
How could isotretinoin be the right treatment for severe acne? First, this drug is derived from vitamin A. As this drug has its special reaction, it will target the acne by stopping the oil production in the face. After that, it will decrease the inflammation, which will lead to cause acne scar. This drug can control the acne problem you have in long term. In many cases, people will need to take this drug for 15 up to 20 weeks to get rid the acnes from their face.

Isotretinoin, One Best Way on How To Remove Severe Acne

Are there any effects of isotretinoin?
Since this drug is so powerful in getting rid of acnes, some people then become curious whether there are bad effects caused by this drug or not. Well, to tell the truth, it has some potential effects. One serious effect is, it can cause severe birth imperfection. That is why the FDA often requires any woman of childbearing age to be in agreement in writing to use birth control. It can be before, during, or even a month after the therapy. Other side effects also comes from the warning of FDA. It says that using isotretinoin to get rid of acne may cause depression or psychosis for certain people.
Using isotretinoin to get rid of acne needs careful guide form professional doctors. Even though this way is successful for 8 out of 10 people, in clearing up the severe acne, one third of people have the potential to develop acne again after the treatment. In this case, the doctor usually recommends another round of isotretinoin treatment. It depends on how severe the acne is.  Therefore, you need to think deeply to use isotretinoin as the way on how to remove severe acne.

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