My Acne Diary: What Removes Acne?

If you are wondering about what removes acne, then you are in luck for stumbling upon this article. Why? Simply because I am here to tell you everything that you can use to remove acne, and those things, of course, will be easy to find virtually almost everywhere in your house (provided you have a house, obviously). What are those things? Let us begin with the first thing in the list:

My Acne Diary: What Removes Acne?

Exercises and exercises
Technically, exercises are things to, right?
Herbal remedies, with a few exceptions, will only help you treat acne when it already pops out. Exercises, however, will prevent it from popping out altogether. Sure, I should not put this into the list simply because it does not directly remove acne from your face, but I am a firm believer of the adage ‘prevention is always better than curing’. For that sole reason, I am putting this one as the first one because prevention should always come first.
Exercises are always good to help you prevent and reduce anything in life. It can help you prevent sickness, it can help you prevent future diseases, and it can help you reduce stresses when you are faced with it. It can also prevent acne and can also remove them as long as you clean yourself after you are done with the exercise.
What type of exercises, you ask? A simple jog is always the easiest and the simplest thing to do if you do not have the money to buy stuffs for your exercise or get yourself a gym membership.
Herbal remedies
Although prevention is always better than curing, sometimes we found ourselves already ‘infected’ with the disease because of our ignorance. The second thing that I recommend to you is herbal remedies. Herbal remedies, in my opinion (and one that is shared by many people), are safer because they are herbal, and everything herbal is always good in my book.
A few examples of herbal remedies that can help you remove acne are tea three oils and honey. Applying the two is easy: apply a few drops of the tea tree oil on the acne and make yourself a honey mask to help your skin recuperate. Those two things are what removes acne from your face if you ever got yourself a breakout.
Last but not least: oral medications
I recommend this the least because using synthetic drugs is a bit dangerous when you do not know anything about it. For those who understands about it though, you are welcome to try.

Birth control pills are often recommended because they control your hormones. Acne breakouts can be caused by raging hormones, and when that raging hormones got controlled, surely the law of logic dictates that you should be healed. This birth pills are what removes acne, tested and tried.

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