Removing Acne Marks with Natural Remedies

Removing Acne Marks with Natural Remedies
Have you ever thought that removing acne marks is so difficult? Well, it is actually a common problem experienced by many people in this world. There are some many kinds of treatment done anyway starting from applying skin care to using laser. Although laser is considered as effective, it is impossible for sure to use it too often. For this matter, why don’t you be back to the natural treatments? There are many remedies around us that are effective enough to remove the acne marks or spots. What are they?
Honey and White Egg Mask
Each of them, the honey or white egg can be used separately for skin problems like acne and dark spots. Interestingly, when both are combined, it is a good way for this skin problem. Egg has a characteristic to peel off the dry skin and sebum. Meanwhile, honey is recommended to wash off the dark spot. More than that, the substances of both are also not attacking each others. You can mix both and then apply to your skin. You can also use the tissue to give effect like the sheet mask. Do the treatment around twice a week for 15 minutes each.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera contains high level of antioxidant. Meanwhile, it also gives sensation of cold and refreshing. Therefore, it is so good to treat your acne along with the scars. The way to apply it is so easy. You only need to smear the aloe Vera gel all around your face or simply put it on the part with acne. Just wait for around 10 or 15 minutes until the gel is dry. Wash it with warm water and do it regularly like for twice a week.

Removing Acne Marks with Natural Remedies

Lemon Water
Vitamin C has so many benefits for our skin. Despite it is the source of antioxidant for lightening and anti aging, this substance is also able to kill bacteria including those that cause acne. More than that, if you have a problem related to the acne scars, just use it to get rid of. The way to use it is so simple. Just smear the lemon water on the part with acne scars and dark spots. Wait for around 15 minutes. Then, you can wash it off using warm water while massaging the skin gently. If you do this treatment regularly at least twice a week, there is high chance the spots are disappeared soon.

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