The Future Medicine: Laser Hair Removal for Acne

There are several things you need to know about laser hair removal for acne, and no, the laser will not cut your face in half like those movies do. It is totally safe as long as it follows the standard procedure and when the doctor is skilled in handling it (when the doctor is not skilled, the blame falls upon you for picking such unskilled doctor. I have warned you).

The Future Medicine: Laser Hair Removal for Acne

Here are a few interesting facts surrounding laser hair removal for acne:
It can be done on anyone, even when there is no visible hair on your face
When I first saw the word ‘hair’ in this clause, I immediately thought hairs such as beards, moustaches, goatees, and whatnots. My simple mind then remembered that all of us got hairs all over our body, even when they are not visible. Have you ever seen a baby? They got body hairs everywhere, and as they grow older, their body hairs got less visible to the naked eye.
If you do not trust me we got body hair all over our bodies, then go look at your skin using a microscope or whatever else that can help you zoom in on your skin.
It is not that harmless, but it is not that safe either
This paradox might confuse some of you, but one thing that I need to tell you is the fact that laser surgery will change something within your body. Laser is an ‘alien’ object to our body, and when our body got introduced to alien object, you know what will happen?
Anything can happen, and things can go wrong especially if you have not took the necessary precautions.
One dangerous thing that can occur is what I would like to call as accidental hair growth (others call it laser induced hair growth, but I prefer my own term). This might not that big of a problem when you are a male, but when you are a female, this might come as a hindrance.
Why? Simply because the accidental hair growth will make you grow hair on places where hair were not growing before. While I once said that we all have hairs everywhere, not every hair in our body is dark, thick hair. Accidental hair growth is just that: it is a thick, dark hair that regrow in place of our thin, elegant hair.
Other than that, it may also cause allergy and other unprecedented health related malice. No pressure.
It will cost lots of money compared to traditional methods of remediation
You might say that money does not matter, but it is. Laser hair surgery is a bit on the expensive side when compared to buying yourself a tea tree oil (some said that planting said tree is cheaper than getting a laser surgery for acne, but I digress). Somebody once told me the minimal price of laser hair surgery is somewhere around $1000. It might not be that many for one time treatment, but if you want to get rid of acne using this method, it will require several treatments. If your money grow on trees, do partake in this practice of capitalism.

Those three are the three top facts you need to know surrounding laser hair removal for acne.

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